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11th March 2006 - ZDoom Monorail

    Nothing to play, but something you can watch. A monorail drive-by for ZDoom (not very exciting really). Built for my World Carnage League project.

10th March 2006 - Deleted Scene (Hexen Edition)

    I fancied a change of pace and so decided to play around with Hexen. This is the result. My first Hexen map, a conversion of my Doom2 level Deleted Scene. It will run with vanilla Hexen.

27th December 2005 - Congestion 1024 wins a Golden Caco

    This almost slipped past me completely. A week or two ago Doomworld published it's Cacowards for 2005. Congestion 1024 has been awarded a Golden Caco. Read more at the Doomworld's 12th annual Cacowards.

26th November 2005 - Congestion 1024 released

Congestion 1024 has now been released. My map, Nullspace Junior, is Map32 which makes it one of the 'secret' maps. Read more and download at the idGames archive.

2nd September 2005 - Doom: World Carnage League concept level

    Here's something that's been sitting gathering dust on my hard drive for about six months. I wasn't going to release this as a stand-alone level, but rather as part of a larger project. However, I haven't released anything this year and I don't have enough time to work on this project, so I've uploaded this as a concept level. It's for ZDoom (no surprise there).

22nd June 2005 - Congestion 1024

    Those of you who visit the Doomworld forums may be aware that I am participating in the Congestion 1024 project. My map, Null Space Junior, is now complete and winging it's way to Lutrov. Hopefully it wont be too long before the project is finished and released. Here's a screen shot to give you a sneak peek at my level.

10th January 2005 - Decade wins a Golden Caco

    Decade has been given a Golden Caco award in Doomworlds 11th Annual Cacowards. Thanks guys :)

22nd September 2004 - Romero Death Skittles

    Probably the stupidest level I've done yet! A bowling mod for ZDoom. Battle through 30 frames of palm sweating, teeth grinding, nightmare inducing, hot bowling action.

Okay, I might be over selling this a bit :) This is still a work in progress so this isn't the intended final version. However, it's still very playable so give it a go!

6th June 2004 - More on Decade

I've put together a page (with screenshots) detailing all the area recreations I included in Decade.

3rd June 2004 - Decade

    Decade is now available. It's a single one-player level for ZDoom, built as a tribute to ten years of Doom. For this map I took inspiration from a number of sections of maps from both Doom and Doom2. These sections where rebuilt from scratch and re-interpreted in the process. The result is a tech base level full of detail and ZDoom features. In terms of sectors, this is the largest doom map I have built to date.

13th March 2004 - Okori

This level was inspired by map07 from Doom2, and is effectively a heavily modified extract from a larger map of mine entitled 'Decade'. Requires a recent version of ZDoom.

28th January 2004 - Spiderdemon Ahoy!

I've uploaded a small single area map featuring a spiderdemon variant for Doom2. Requires a recent version of ZDoom.

20th December 2003 - 10 years of Doom

click to enlarge
    To celebrate 10 years of Doom, Doomworld has been running a series of articles detailing what they consider to be the top 100 wads of all time. To make up this list, 10 wads have been selected for each year. I'm happy to say Null Space was included in the Ten Best Wads of 2001 and Doom Raider was included in the Ten Best Wads of 2003.

25th June 2003 - Doom Raider : Crypt of the Vile

    A single one-player level for ZDoom. Not your standard blastfest, more of a mouselooky and jumping level. Includes 3 new weapons (twin pistols, twin uzi's and spike gun), new/modified monsters and new pickup items. Requires the latest version of ZDoom (

22nd June 2003 - ZDoom Tech Door Thingy

    A fancy tech type door for ZDoom. Works with beta version, I can't be sure if it'll work with earlier versions (but it probably will). I designed this specifically for use within a level I'm designing, but it's going to be a lonnnngg time before this level is finished so I decided to put this out and make it freely available to all who might like to use it in their own designs. The door is an unusual shape (for doom) but i'm sure if anyone wants to use it they'll find a way to accommadate it. Read more about here.

21st August 2002 - Something to pass the time

I've had the original version of Lego Base sitting on my hard drive for a while and was considering deleting it. However, this seems like a bit of a waste so I've decided to upload it instead. It's not as balanced as the final version, but it should be playable and has a different ending (which was reworked and released as Deleted Scene 2). Find it here.

29th July 2002 - Null Space 2 screen shot

    It's quite interesting what you can do with Doom architecture when slopes are possible and VPO's are no longer a problem. Here's a shot from the sequel to Null Space, which as you have probably guessed is a ZDoom level. I'd like to show more, but this gangway is all that currently exists. It's going to be a while before this level is released. This image has been brightened slightly.

15th April 2002 - ...and there's more

    The enhanced version of Lego Base is now available. This contains replacement sprites for the player, some of the monsters and the BFG. Go play it with your favourite sprite-loading source port. Read more about it here.

8th April 2002 - I'm back...with a case of Lego Madness

This site is back up after a two week absence due to hosting problems. My lego themed level entitled Lego Base is now finished and available for download. A section of map removed from an early verion of Lego Base has been slightly reworked and released as a small single player wad entitled Deleted Scene 2. Finally, my Lego Texture Set is available (so you can all stop emailing me now and get on with building your own lego wads).

6th December 2001 - Null Space Released

Over a year after I started it, I've finally finished and uploaded Null Space. That's not to say that I've been working on it constantly, it's been a start/stop proceedure, but I have put a lot of work into this level. Weighing in at just under 1700 sectors, this is the largest doom wad I have designed to date. Many thanks to playtesters Rez and Richard. This wad is a less linear than most of my previous designs and without their feedback I doubt this level would have turned out as well as it has. Cheers guys!